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JTX+ JiMODs v2.0 Jimtechs Editions

JTX+ JiMODs v2.0 Jimtechs Editions

JTX+ JiMODs v2.0 Jimtechs Editions  The Ultimate Twitter Experience


The digital age presents a wealth of social media platforms, and Twitter stands out as a global favorite. However, despite its popularity, there are always areas of improvement. Enter JTX+, a creation from the house of JiMODs Jimtechs Editions. Experience a redefined Twitter journey, tailored just for you. For those looking for an ad-free, privacy-centric, and enhanced Twitter ambiance, JTX+ is undeniably the tool to opt for.

Why JTX+ JiMODs Jimtechs Editions?

Twitter’s essence lies in its simplicity and rapid information exchange. But with the increasing commercialization, frequent ads, and privacy concerns have become common issues. That’s where JTX+ JiMODs comes in to redefine how you perceive and use Twitter.

Ultimate Media Control:

  • Videos: Gone are the days when you felt restricted by media controls. With JTX+, download videos at your chosen resolution.
  • Photos: Save those memorable photos directly to your device without a hitch.
  • GIFs: Storing GIFs from your favorite Twitter posts is now a breeze.

Experience a Refreshing Ad-Free Interface:

Ads can be intrusive, affecting your Twitter experience. With the JiMODs Jimtechs Edition, say goodbye to:

  • Tedious promotions.
  • Promoted tweets that seem out of place.
  • Endorsed users and the ever-annoying promoted trend hashtags.

Instead, bask in the purity of a cleaner, more focused Twitter feed.

Personalizing Your Discovery/Search Page:

The JiMODs touch ensures you’re in control:

  • Evade those pesky content suggestions based on likes.
  • View posts exclusively from those you cherish – the people you follow.

Advanced Privacy Tools:

  • Read Receipts: Enjoy a balance; hide when you’ve read messages, but see when your messages are read.
  • Writing Indicators: Keep your typing status private. Let your message be a surprise!

Highlighting the Best of JTX+ JiMODs:

  • A build grounded
  • Easy downloading of Images/Videos/GIFs.
  • An entirely ad-free experience.
  • Say no to random Twitter content suggestions.
  • Reading and messaging have never been this private.
  • Dive into Twitter even without an account.
  • Customize with multiple fonts and themes.

What’s New

  • Updated to 10.19.0-release.0
  • You can use Premium options for free You can download media
  • Can play videos in the background
  • You can undo the posting and specify the undo duration
  • Ads Free
  • Communities feature
  • Option to change the program icon
  • Hide/show bottom bar sections
  • Option to prevent videos from playing automatically on the home screen
  • Home screen wallpaper settings options
  • More fixes and improvements

Getting Started:

To commence your revamped Twitter journey, simply click the “Download” button at the end of this piece. A quick redirect to Mediafire ensures a swift download process. JTX+ JiMODs by Jimtechs Editions awaits!


In a world of mundane social media interactions, why remain ordinary? JTX+ JiMODs by Jimtechs Editions is not just an app; it’s a revolution. A shift towards power, privacy, and pure Twitter delight. Embrace the change. Begin your enhanced Twitter voyage today.

Screenshot of the APP!!

JTX+ JiMODs v2.0 Jimtechs EditionsJTX+ JiMODs v1.0 Jimtechs Editions JTX+ JiMODs v1.0 Jimtechs EditionsJTX+ JiMODs v2.0 Jimtechs Editions

JTX+ JiMODs v2.0 Jimtechs Editions


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